Written by Emily Harstone April 16th, 2013

Review of The Adroit Journal

The Adroit Journal  is a print journal. It was started by a high school student named Peter LeBerge several years ago.  He is now in college, and most of the team of editors and readers behind it are also in college. You would think a young person might not take editing a literary journal as serious, but that is not the case.

Because the editors and readers behind the magazine are so young they really seem to feel like they have something to prove, and write detailed personal responses to most of the submissions they receive.  They have managed to publish a number of very well known writers. They take the reputation of their journal very seriously.

The website is aesthetically pleasing, and the art work is almost always well chosen. They only publish a print edition but a few of the poems and short stories are available online in a preview format so you can get a feel for what they choose to print.

They tend to publish work full of images. Narrative is important to them, but does not seem essential.

The journal itself is well made and printed by Lulu. All the funds raised by selling the journal go to charity. However this means that The Adroit Journal does not offer contributor copies for free. Thankfully Lulu often has sales, so if you have a little patience you should be able to get a copy for unnder ten bucks plus shipping.

The Adroit accept work from writers of all ages although they often have a different deadline for adults and youths. The accept under 10% of the work submitted to them.

They accept poems (up to six at a time), short stories (between 1000-2500 words, up to three at a time), flash fiction (up to three pieces at a time, no more then 1000 words), essays and narrative non fiction.

They try and respond to each submission within a week. You submit each piece separately through their easy to use submission system. They then accept or reject each piece, one at a time, often with feedback

They are a good journal to submit to because they give personalized feedback, respond quickly, and spend a lot of time promoting the journal. They also have publish an aesthetically pleasing journal, it is just too bad they expect contributors to buy it.

You can visit there website at http://www.adroit.co.nr/


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