Written by Emily Harstone August 15th, 2013

Review: The 22 Magazine

The 22 Magazine is a twice yearly publication based out of New York. It has an online and print format. They feature 22 contributors in each issue. They publish visual art as well as poetry, songs, short fiction, and non-fiction.

The 22 Magazine is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read and enjoy, both online and in print. They publish an eclectic assortment of work all based around a theme. This issues theme is Collage.

The editors further define the theme in the following statement “Collage is a broad topic so we won’t put to many restrictions on it beyond the basic definition of being a collection of parts utilized to form a whole. The physical or theoretical explanation beyond that is at your discretion. We will be accepting “collage” in all forms: music, art, video, literature and more.”

They are open to submissions based off of this theme till January. So if you don’t have something that fits this theme now you still have a chance to write it.

They are also always looking for work on their blog. Work that is published on their blog does not have to align with any particular theme. They never republish previously printed writing although they do consider simultaneously submitted pieces.

The editors change all the time, and they are always looking for guest curators, so if you are interested in that, please contact them. There is more specific information about that process on the submissions page.

It is good to keep in mind that they are most interested in contemporary art and the artistic community in all of its various forms.

It takes them about up to three months to respond to submissions, and they accept  less then 1/5th of the work submitted to them.

In conclusion consider submitting to The 22 Magizine, because they are a beautiful, eclectically edited arts journal. Visit their website at: http://www.the22magazine.com


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