Written by Sheritha Singh February 25th, 2016

Roane Publishing: Now Open to Book Submissions

Roane Publishing is relatively new on the indie publishing scene. Their website is a bit clunky and you have to really read when looking for their submissions link. They describe themselves as a romance publisher ranging from sweet to spicy. Although new, they claim their editors have sufficient editing experience gained from other publishing houses. I do think they need to focus a bit more on marketing, authors are expected to do a lot of the work on that end.

The publisher, Rebecca Hart, acknowledges that she is new to the publishing business. However, she does have some writing experience behind her and admits to opening her own publishing venture due to being unhappy with her previous publishing experience. They offer readers a membership option that entitles those who sign up to a 25% discount on their first purchase. Read more about them here

There is a thread on Absolute Write as well, where the owner, Rebecca Hart, answers questions as well. Check out the thread  here . The website has been updated since the thread was published. The publisher honored her promise to include staff information. The team behind Roane Publishing is now listed on their website. Currently they have three content editors. All email addresses are also listed on their website. However a sample contract isn’t available on their website. Although I have heard that it is a 50/50 split on royalties.

Authors who have worked with Roane Publishing say great things about the editing and responsiveness of the publishing team.

Roane has books out in print as well as ebook format. Currently they have published about 30 authors. The author information is listed on their website. A few of the authors who have been published by them are pleased with the editing as well as the reviews received of their published works.

They publish themed anthologies of fantasy, romance and erotic romance. Check the website to see what anthologies are currently open to submissions.

To learn more or to submit visit their website here.

Bio: Sheritha Singh writes erotic fiction under the pseudonym Lace Higgins. She was previously published by Breathless Press but now publishes her own work online here. Sheritha writes between studying, working as a lecturer at a community college, dreaming, eating and pretty much indulging in anything creative.  Sheritha loves hearing from fans. Please tweet @Shersinghzn.


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