Written by Emily Harstone June 8th, 2023

Rogue Phoenix Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Founded in 2008 by a mother and son team, Rogue Phoenix Press is one of the few eBook focused and Print on Demand publishers that survived from that period. There’s an extensive thread on them in the water cooler at Absolute Write that is very informative. They originally forced authors to buy copies of their own book, but that clause very much seems to have gone by the wayside, it still seems like an option to buy print on demand copies, but is in no way a requirement, according to this page.

The thread at the water cooler goes along with a lot of my feelings about the site and the publisher, which is still active and regularly publishing new work, so it is very much worth reading. Christine Young is the co-owner, and as you can see based on their new releases section, the author they publish the most frequently.

The covers are not great and the website as a whole feels pretty dated.

On their submission guidelines page they list a wide range of genres,  and specify that they are open to others as well.

They’ve also clearly updated their submission guidelines recently, as this note is included: “We do not accept manuscripts partially or completely generated by AI (artificial intelligence) software such as ChatGPT.”

They are not going to place work in brick-and-mortar bookstores, and all of the promotion is up to the author. This appears to be the kind of press that takes over most of the self publishing logistics for authors that want to work with them, but doesn’t appear to go much beyond that.

Their complete submission guidelines are here.

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