Written by Anna Chan October 22nd, 2015

Self E Library Journal: Pros and Cons for the Aspiring Writer

Independent authors can always benefit from new opportunities to showcase their work.  A new website, Self-E Library Journal, provides an exciting opportunity for writers to build a fan base and market themselves through a reputable venue.

WHAT:  Self-E Library Journal provides a platform for independent authors to make their works available to library patrons.  This feature only materialized this year in 2015, and many states need submissions from independent authors.

WHERE:  Individual states elect to subscribe to this component.  From there, the system is made available at different tiers either through the state (the Arizona State Library); through counties (San Diego County Library in California); or through specific libraries (Queens Public Library in New York).  If your state has not yet subscribed to Library Journal Self E, you are still able to submit your work.  There will soon be an international Indie component.

WHY:  Aspiring writers can expect to see three distinct benefits come from having their work included in their state’s Indie Anthology.  First and most obvious, it provides a new audience for the independent author.  Second, social media changed the mechanics of the writing industry.  Being able to cite published work which has passed the scrutiny of a panel and been approved by a public library system definitely gives the independent author prestige points.  Third, that small boost in distinction and publicity can greatly encourage the aspiring writer to set more goals and finish projects.  In other words, it inspires independent authors to keep writing!

WHY NOT:  Library Journal Self E retains perpetual, non-restricted, worldwide rights to your submission.  Put simply, they will always have the ability to distribute, market, and reproduce your work electronically through any public library system.  The author does retain intellectual and propriety rights.

HOW:  Having your writing featured in Library Journal Self E system may not prove as beneficial to established independent authors who have published major work, particularly writing which shows potential to develop into even larger ventures, like documentaries, screen plays, or series.  However, this avenue can certainly benefit a writer who has only published one or two small projects and anticipates building a freelance career by providing two significant fan bases: 1) readers who download your book, and 2) the panel members who take the time to judge whether your work meets their criteria.  Take advantage of this free opportunity to have your work showcased in a notable public domain by visiting their submission page:


Good Luck to All!


Anna Chan has published 2 loose fiction novellas through Createspace, and several articles anonymously through BLOGMUTT.  Technical writing includes training materials for Army air traffic controllers.  Her current projects are a children’s bedtime storybook, featuring a story for each night of the year; a romance; and another loose fiction book about the small Arizona desert town she lives in.


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