Written by Emily Harstone April 17th, 2014

Sky Pony Press Accepting Book Manuscripts

Updated March 2024

Sky Pony Press is a division of Skyhorse Publishing, which we reviewed recently. Sky Pony is the division of Skyhorse that focuses on publishing work for children. This includes picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and YA fiction and nonfiction. They are open to any genre and style. They are seeking work that is “new and different”.

Skypony only considers work submitted electronically via email. They expect all work to be attached either as a word file or if it contains images as a jpg file.

When you submit include a query letter that contains  relevant information about yourself, including your publishing history, any institutional associations you have, your occupation, and a website link if relevant. If the book is informational include your qualifications.

In the past Sky Pony and more specifically Skyhorse had a number of complaints about alleged un-payment of authors. To learn more about it, read this thread here. But in the past couple of years things seem to have turned around significantly.

They do not specifically request a pitch or plot synopsis, but your query letter will look more professional with them. Also they do not mention anything about simultaneous submissions so you should be fine submitting your work elsewhere at the same time as long as you notify them if your work is accepted elsewhere.

To learn more or submit please visit their website here.


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