Written by Ella Peary December 19th, 2016

Slamchop Journal: Now Seeking Poetry Submissions

Slamchop is a new online poetry journal and podcast that will be published monthly. They are seeking emotive, in-the-moment poems, poems that resonate with the immediacy of the spoken word, slam, and open-mic traditions. Their podcast will feature a group of poets exploring the process of making art by workshopping a poem together.

Right now through December 31, Slamchop is seeking poems for their first online journal and podcast. The theme of this edition is: “poems in the first person.” Submitting poets can expect a response within about one month, and can query after that.

Poets may submit up to three poems to Slamchop Journal, along with a bio in the third person. Poets may also submit up to three unfinished poems to be workshopped on Slamchop Podcast. For the podcast, Slamchop prefers poems between one and three minutes long, read aloud, though longer and shorter poems will be considered. Poets submitting to the podcast agree to have their poems workshopped by the Slamchop crew. Podcast poets must be present for the workshop, either in person or via teleconferencing, and must make revisions or rewrite their poem after the session. Podcast poets also must record their finished poem, which will be featured at the end of the podcast episode.

Slamchop accepts submissions online, but not via post or email. They accept simultaneous submissions, and poets may submit to Slamchop Jounal and Slamchop Podcast at the same time. They do not accept previously published work; however, work published on Facebook, a personal blog, or in a self-published chapbook with a small print run (under 100 copies) is acceptable. Poems submitted to Slamchop Podcast may be previously published as long as the submitting poet currently has rights to the work and is willing to make significant revisions.

If you would like to learn more or submit to Slamchop, please visit their website at http://www.slamchop.org/.


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