Written by Emily Harstone June 19th, 2013

Slice Magizine Review

Slice is a Brooklyn based print journal that has published many famous authors and has been praised by other very famous authors. If they accept your work they pay you for the right to publish it.

Slice is a non-profit magazine that was established in 2007. Slice prints two issues every year. They publish short stories, poetry, and essays. The essays and short stories they publish are up to 5,000 words in length.

The issues always have themes, but not all of the work they accept goes with the current theme. This reading period the theme is Escape. How you choose to interpret that theme is up to you. This reading period started on the 1st of June and will end on the 1st of August. They do not read work outside of submission periods.

The work they tend to publish is not very experimental, or genre heavy, instead their focus appears to be on good writing.

Slice wants to bridge the gap between emerging writers and more established ones, so they publish both in their magazine, often side by side. If your work is accepted by Slice, they will pay you $100 per essay or short story or $24 per poem. This is much better pay than most non-profit journals offer for your work.

Slice accepts less then 1% of the work submitted to them, so to be published by them is a considerable achievement. They generally respond to submissions with a month, but it can take them up to half a year in certain circumstances.

Submitting to Slice is easy because they use Submittable, the most popular submission manager out there. All work you submit should be previously unpublished, but you can simultaneously submit the work elsewhere.

In conclusion you should submit to Slice because they publish a good mix of authors, pay their writers, and have an excellent reputation. They also have a large distribution network, which means that more people will get a chance to read your work if it is published in Slice. To submit please visit their website: http://www.slicemagazine.org/submit-your-work/



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