Written by Emily Harstone

Soho Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Soho Press is an established and respected literary independent publisher based out of New York. They also have two imprints, Soho Crime and Soho Teen, neither of which are open to un-agented submissions at this time. Soho Press is open to unsolicited submissions of literary fiction. They focus on publishing bold voices and original perspectives. To learn more about what they have published in the past, their catalog is a good place to start.

It is important to note that they also publish the occasional memoir, although they do not comment on whether they are open or closed to memoir submissions at this time.

Soho Press has a great website, wonderful covers, and it is easy to navigate. They have also published a number of really well known authors including Alex Shakar, Edwidge Danticat,  Matt Bell, and Paula Bomer. They have excellent distribution through Penguin Random House and I regularly see their books at local bookstores and the library.

They do not accept electronic submissions, all submissions must be made by post. Please send three chapters (or fifty pages) and a cover letter to:

ATTN: Acquisitions Editor
Soho Press
853 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

If you want your work returned to you after they have read it, please include a self addressed and stamped envelope. They are not interested in query letters without accompanying sample chapters. To learn more about their submission process,  go here.



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