Written by Emily Harstone June 13th, 2013

Spark: Literary Journal Review

Spark is a quarterly creative anthology that has a print and e-book edition. Spark was founded by Brian Lewis with the idea of creating a high quality publication that featured established professionals and fledgling authors side by side. As part of this mission, Spark pays all of their contributors.

Spark’s print edition is beautifully illustrated and well bound. Spark’s e-book is easy to navigate .

The Editors tend to publish straight forward poems, and more traditional narrative based short stories. The work they tend to publish is good, compelling writing.  They also accept work of any genre so they publish a wider variety of work than in the average literary journal.

Spark encourages submissions from Alumni of the California State Summer School for the Arts, but they accept high quality writing and artwork from anyone, regardless of where they live or what school they have attended.

They pay all contributors. For first rights they pay 1¢ per word or $10 per work. For reprints, they pay 0.2¢ per word or $5 per work, whichever is more, up to $50. They retain all rights for the first year, then most rights revert back to you.

Spark accepts simultaneous submissions. They also accept reprints under certain circumstances so read the fine print.  They use Submittable as their submission manager, so it is very easy to submit your work to them for consideration

They do not publish Erotica, and discourage profanity in pieces, so keep that in mind when submitting.

They accept Fiction and Non-fiction from 400 to 12,000 words in length. They tend to accept poems that are between 3- 100 lines in length. You can submit up to three poems, but you must complete a separate submission form for each poem.

Spark responds to most submissions within two months.

In conclusion Spark is a great journal to be published in because the editors have good taste, their is a print and electronic edition, and all their contributes are paid. You can visit their website for further details here: http://sparkanthology.org/



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