Written by Emily Harstone June 2nd, 2016

Speaking Volumes: Now Seeking Book Queries

UPDATED ON SEPTEMBER 27TH –  Some Submissions to Speaking Volumes are now being re-directed to two hybrid imprints where authors are required to pre-purchase 75 copies.  This is a real issue because the business’s are not separated. A traditional publisher should never re-route you to a hybrid imprint of that same press. We are recommending that authors not submit to Speaking Volumes and we have removed them from our list articles.

Speaking Volumes is an independent publisher based out of Naples, Florida. They started out just publishing Audio books, but now they also publish eBooks and paperbacks. At their About Us page, you can learn more about the company and the current staff. Their books are widely available and they publish a number of established authors.

According to their website they are interested in “Fiction, Non-Fiction, Novels, Novellas, and collections of Short Stories in the following genres: Science Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Action Adventure, Horror, Young-Adult, Children’s, Folklore, Poetry and Scholarly works.”

To get a better feeling for what they publish you can browse their author list here or their complete catalog here.

They are open to publishing work that has been previously published as long as all the rights have reverted back to the author. They expect all submissions to be copy-edited beforehand.

To query them, email them the manuscript, a synopsis of the content, and the authors resume and cover letter. They will only review manuscript submissions by email, but if your book has been previously published you can mail them the hard copy.

Audio submissions must be made to a separate editor and email address.

To learn more visit their website here.


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