Written by A Guest Author June 22nd, 2017

Ten Horror Markets that Pay for Short Stories and Flash Fiction

By D.S. Maiorca

This eclectic list has some of the best paying horror markets currently open for submission. Make sure to check each market’s specific guidelines as some are quite specific.

Clarkesworld Magazine

While Clarke’s World is famous for Science Fiction and Fantasy they are also open for horror stories. Although if you read their guide lines closely don’t bother with zombies or sexy vampires. They pay ten cents a word for the first five thousand words and eight cents a word there after. They are a serious market only send them your best stuff. They are open for submissions all year.

Midas Clutch: Tales of Opulent Horror 

This horror anthology has a twist. The story must involve wealth and opulence, but not moralistic. They pay five cents per word. They want stories from four thousand to fourteen thousand words. They are open for submissions until January 2018.

Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show

Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine show, while like Clarke’s World is known for its science fiction they also take horror stories. Make a special not they are looking for supernatural horror not gore or splatter stories. They take works up to seventeen thousand five hundred words. They pay five cents a word.

Sharp & Sugar Tooth

Sharp and Sugar Tooth is looking for horror stories of up to five thousand words, and they pay six cents a word. They want stories of women in the kitchen, both figuratively and quite literally. They want horror stories involving food, cooking, and meals. They have very specific guidelines in regards to what they don’t want so check their guidelines closely.


Shimmer is looking for literary horror stories of up to seventy five hundred words. They pay five cents a word. Literary fiction can be tricky so check out their guidelines.

Sub-Q Magazine 

Sub Q is now open for short submissions. They are looking for interactive stories, including horror. The will take prose or cartoons, but they must be interactive. That means the readers must be able to make a choice. They pay eight cents a word, but they also pay for the interactivity. So if you are the writer and the one who makes it interactive you can actually make double the money. You need to check out their submission guidelines for clarification. It is a very unique opportunity for writers.

Welcome to Miskatonic University Anthology  

They are seeking horror stories set in the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft. They pay eight cents per word. If you are a fan of the works of H.P. Lovecraft this is the place for you. Their deadline for submission in June thirtieth.

Binge Watching Cure Horror Edition

They are open for submissions until September thirtieth. They want horror stories of all length starting and one hundred words all the way to twenty five thousand words. They pay two hundred dollars for shorter stories, under five thousand words, and five hundred for longer stories.

Glitter Ship

Glitter Ship is currently open for submissions. They are looking for horror stories as well as science fiction and fantasy stories.  They pay three cents per word for stories between one hundred and six thousand words. Before you submit make sure to check out their guidelines and understand that Glitter Ship is looking for queer stories.

Bio: D.S. Maiorca is a former high school teacher, finally taking his own writing seriously.


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