The Apple Valley Review: Now Seeking Submissions

Written by Ella Peary

Launched in 2006, The Apple Valley Review is a well-established and selective journal of poetry, fiction, and essays. Published twice a year online, in the spring and fall, the journal features finely crafted writing with both mainstream and literary appeal. They prefer work that is accessible and at the same time skillfully honed. To get a sense of their editorial preferences, you can read past issues online.

The Apple Valley Review accepts submissions year-round. Submitting authors can expect a response within about two months.

Authors of prose may submit up to three pieces, about 100 to 4,000 words each. The Apple Valley Review prefers to publish shorter pieces; at the same time, they will consider works slightly longer than 4,000 words when appropriate. The word count is not a firm rule. Novel excerpts must be complete in themselves. Poets may submit up to six poems. The Apple Valley Review prefers shorter poems, under two pages, that do not rhyme. All submissions should be in English; however, they accept translations as long as the translator has permission to publish the work.

The Apple Valley Review does not accept pure genre fiction, but they do accept literary fiction with genre elements. They do not accept scholarly or critical essays, and they don’t accept work written for children. Additionally, they don’t accept erotica, writing with explicit language, or writing that is especially violent or disturbing.

The Apple Valley Review accepts submissions via email, not online or by post. All submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter, including a brief bio. They do not accept previously published work.

Authors published in The Apple Valley Review are considered for the annual Apple Valley Review Editor’s Prize. In the past, the prize has included a $100 award as well as a book of poetry, fiction, or essays. The Apple Valley Review also occasionally nominates authors for other prizes.

If you would like to learn more or submit to The Apple Valley Review, please visit their website at


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