Written by Emily Harstone April 15th, 2021

The Good Book Company: Now Accepting Book Proposals

“We are an evangelical publishing house that stand on the fundamental truths of the Christian faith, for example, the IFES/UCCF/Intervarsity basis of faith. We are also corporate members of the Evangelical Alliance.”

As such they are not interested in views outside of the Christian Evangelical movement. However, within that area they publish resources for evangelism, Bible study, training, Christian living as well as for youth and children’s work.

They state “Our aim with all our resources is to get people directly interacting with the Bible.” You can get a good idea for how they do that, and what they publish by visiting their website here. Before submitting they ask that you spend time reviewing the books they previously published on their website and:

You should have a clear idea in your mind about what you want the book/resource to achieve, and who it is aimed at: ‘What do you want this to do, and for whom?’

Books should be accessible to the general Christian reader (ie we are not an academic publisher)

When telling or illustrating Bible stories, we do not like things to be added or taken away (we are concerned to be faithful to scripture).

We avoid subjects that have a particular denominational bias.

We do not publish poetry, fiction, biography or autobiography.

They ask that you not submit completed work to them. They very much prefer to work with authors and accept proposals and ideas, as opposed to finished manuscripts.

To learn more and read their complete guidelines go here.


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