Written by Emily Harstone October 23rd, 2014

The New Press: Open to Book Manuscript Submissions

The New Press Published its first book in 1992. Since then it has published many more books by authors such as Alice Walker, Bill Moyers, and Noam Chomsky. They are a non-profit independent publisher. They have published books that have become best sellers and won many awards, including the Pulitzer Prize. They publish about 50 books per year.

According to The New Presses website they focus on the following areas when editing and publishing books that mean the following criteria:

The New Press focuses on number of key program areas, including: contemporary social issues, with an emphasis on race relations, women’s issues, immigration, human rights, labor and popular economics, and the media; education reform and alternative teaching materials; cultural criticism; art and art education; international literature; and law and legal studies. Across these disciplines, The Press has also taken a leading role in publishing a wide range of new work in African American, Asian American, Latino, gay and lesbian, and Native American studies, as well as work by and about other minority groups.

The New Press accepts very few unsolicited manuscripts but they do read everything that is submitted to them. They generally do not publish American Fiction or Poetry. You can submit to them electronically through a form on their website or via the post.

When you submit, send a proposal, an outline or table of contents, and no more than the first two chapters of your manuscript. If you submit through the mail, please include a self addressed and stamped envelope.

To learn more about The New Press, visit their website here. To learn more about their submission guidelines visit this page.


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