Written by Ella Peary

The Other Stories Podcast: Now Seeking Fiction Submissions

The Other Stories is a weekly literary podcast. Each episode features one author and begins with an interview about the author’s writing—their influences, motivations, processes, and goals. Then, the author reads a short story and the interviewer asks the author questions about the story. Each episode is set to original music, scored uniquely for the author’s work.

The idea behind the podcast is to help unheard authors of all levels—new, emerging, and struggling—find an audience. They feature stories in all genres about all kinds of themes, written by authors of all ages and backgrounds. The best way to get a sense of what they publish is by listening to the podcast. The Other Stories also publishes the fiction featured in each episode in written form, so you can read the stories online if you prefer.

The Other Stories accepts submissions on a rolling basis, and publishes 52 authors each year. They’ve published over 150 episodes to date. Each episode is about 20 to 35 minutes long.

Authors of fiction may submit one short story, 4,000 words or fewer. The story should take 20 minutes or less to read aloud. They accept all genres and styles of fiction, including work that’s poetic or precipitated by real events. They just ask that all work submitted is, in fact, fiction—or that it can be pitched that way. They’re looking for short stories, novel excerpts, and anything else that wants to be voiced.

The Other Stories accepts submissions online, but not by post or via email. They accept simultaneous submissions, and they also accept reprints as long as the author has audio rights to the work.

If you would like to learn more or submit to The Other Stories, please visit their website at https://theotherstories.submittable.com/Submit.



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