Written by Emily Harstone July 4th, 2018

The Parliament House Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

The Parliament House is a small eBook and print press started in 2016.  They specialize in fantasy, including paranormal, contemporary, and urban. They also recently started accepting horror. They publish books aimed at young adults and books aimed at adults.

Over the years their website has gotten a little out of date and disorganized. Some links are no longer working properly.

The staff behind The Parliament House have published a number of their own books through the press. They also really place emphasis on the author promoting their work. But they do say they design a specific and detailed marketing plan for each book they publish.

They ask that all work be between 50,000 and 140,000 words in length. They do not want stories that were in any way written by, or co-written with AI.

They have very specific submission guidelines that you should follow before submitting.

To learn more, go to their submission guidelines here.

Emily Harstone is the pen name of an author whose work has been published internationally by a number of respected journals. She is a professional submissions adviser. You can follow her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/emilyharstone/


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