Written by Ella Peary June 3rd, 2016

The Quiet Circle: Now Accepting Submissions

The Quiet Circle is a brand new online journal of subtle, meditative writing. They publish fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that other literary journals might call “too quiet.” The Quiet Circle is a place where quiet writing can be heard, where brash, crass, and staunchly-realist voices are left at the door. They are especially interested in fiction that employs surreal and magical imagery as a vehicle to move the reader inward. They also like contemplative, gentle poetry—the kind of poetry that invites the reader to silent revelations. For nonfiction, they tend to favor stories told by a self-reflective narrator who invites the reader to search out deeply human experiences.

Right now, The Quiet Circle is accepting submissions for their first issue. Submitting writers can expect a response within about three months, and should wait for a response before submitting again.

Fiction writers may submit one short story, 9,000 words or fewer, or up to three pieces of flash fiction, 1,000 words or fewer each. Poets may submit up to six poems. Nonfiction writers may submit one piece, 9,000 words or fewer.

The Quiet Circle accepts submissions via email, but not online or by post. They accept simultaneous submissions, but ask that authors immediately withdraw work published elsewhere. They do not accept previously published work.

If you would like to learn more or submit to The Quiet Circle, please visit their website at http://thequietcirclemag.wix.com/home#!submit/cee5.


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