Written by Emily Harstone

The Quotable: Open To Submissions

The Quotable is a quarterly literary journal. They publish both electronically and in print. They are currently open to submissions until the 1st of December. They publish short fiction, poetry, and creative non fiction. They focus on publishing work that is quotable.

The issue they are currently reading for is themed. They are looking for work on the topic of Nature or Nurture. They do not expand on the theme in any way, so it is open to interpretation.

They use the submission manager Submittable for all their submissions. They only do blind submissions. Which means that on the file itself you cannot include your name or any personal information.

They are looking for flash fiction submissions under 1,0000 words, short fiction under 3,0000 words, creative non-fiction under 3,000 words, and up to three poems at a time (no stated word limit). They have very specific formatting guidelines, so make sure to review them before submitting.

The Quotable tries to respond to submissions within 2-3 months.  Occasionally they are much faster than that. They accept about 1 in 30 submissions, approximately.

Unfortunately it is a little hard to get a feel for what they publish because very little is available for free online, however the PDF version of each issue is just three dollars and the print issue is six dollars.

They seem to encourage writers whose work they have published to write guest blogs on their website. Usually these blogs tend to be about writing and they are a great way to additionally promote yourself and your writing.

To learn more or to submit visit their website here:http://thequotablelit.com/



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