Written by Emily Harstone June 26th, 2013

The Red River Review: Closing to Submissions

The Red River Review is an online journal that publishes poetry. It was was founded in 1999 when online literary journals were a rarity. After a brief break from publishing in the late 2000’s The Red River Review is back.

They publish several issues a year. They are currently reading for the August issue and they will close for submissions on June 30th. So that means that if you want to submit you will have to do so quickly.

The Red River Review has their own submission manager but it is easy to use. So it takes very little time to set up an account and submit. Although they do ask that you submit only one poem at a time which is a little tedious.

One of the great things about the Red River Review is that they offer personalized feedback to poets, even if they do not accept your work. They often suggest revisions or expansions of the work so that you can resubmit at a later date, if you so desire. These are only suggestions and no writers are obligated to edit their work.

They do not accept simultaneous submissions or reprints. The two editors that run the magazine are both established poets in their own right and they seem to take their job seriously.

Because it is an online journal you can get an easy feel for what they accept by reading a back issue or two free of charge. Their focus appears to be on poems with really clear imagery that has concrete implications.

They generally respond to submissions within 3-5 days, and they accept almost a quarter of what is submitted to them.

In conclusion they are a good journal for new poets because they offer feedback and they have a fair acceptance rate. Because they publish issues online it easy and free to share your work with friends. You can visit their website here: http://www.redriverreview.com/





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