Written by Emily Harstone July 10th, 2013

The Southeast Review

The Southeast Review is one of the most prestigious and established journals out there. Once your work is chosen by them for publication, other journals and publishers are likely to take you a lot more seriously.

Because it is so prestigious and established The Southeast Review gets an opportunity to look at so much work that they only publish about 1% of the work they receive.

However their mission is to publish emerging authors as well as established ones. They always  choose a certain amount of work by new authors, so their journal is not just filled with famous names. This means if you’re a new writer, you have the chance to be featured next t more famous writers.

The Southeast Review publishes two print issues a year featuring short fiction, poetry, and memoir. The problem with a large established journal like The Southeast Review is that more then one person is evaluating your work. Instead of an individual, it is a committee that reviews your work. This means you can’t please just one editor. In order to get past the committee, the work must be more broad.

This also means that the turn around time is not as fast. It usually takes them around four months to respond to submitters.

They have a few excerpts from the print journal online so that you can get a better feel for the work they publish. It is on the right hand column on the main page of the website. Reading these samples may give you an idea of what appeals to them. Generally they tend to favor bold statements, regardless of form.

The Southeast Review uses an older submission manager, that is still relatively easy to use, and that is the only way they accept submissions.

The fiction and nonfiction word limit is 7,500 and they will read no more then five poems at a time. They accept simultaneous submissions.

In conclusion The Southeast Review is a great place to submit to even though the odds of being accepted are low. If you never try, the odds don’t even matter. And if your work does get accepted here it will be a wonderful achievement. You can visit The Southeast Reviews website here: http://southeastreview.org/index.html



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