Written by Emily Harstone September 12th, 2013

The Sycamore Review: Open to Submissions

The Sycamore Review is Purdue University’s internationally acclaimed literary journal.  They have print and electronic editions.

The Sycamore Review also holds some of the most prestigious writing contests in the literary community. These contests have a fee attached so we will not review them here, but they are well worth looking into. The prize is supranational and the judges are established bestsellers.

The Sycamore Review publishes poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, as well as interviews, book reviews and art. They try to publish the best writing by new and established writers.

They pay all their authors. Their is no information on the precise amount they currently pay authors on their website but it is between the semi-professional and professional range. That means they pay about 5 cents a word per short story and creative non fiction piece. It also means they pay up to 49 dollars per poem.

Often journals like The Sycamore Review have fluctuating budgets, so that they can’t tell authors exactly how much they can be paid and can only tell them the range.

They accept less then 1% of the work that is submitted to them, so being selected for publication by them is a significant achievement. Their list of contributors is basically a long list of established and respected writers, with a few unknown and emerging writers mixed in.

The editors response times to submissions vary wildly. It can take them anywhere from 7 days to almost a year to accept or reject a piece. They use an older submission manager, that is a little tedious, but easy to use.

The Sycamore Reviews website is hard to navigate and contains a fair amount of outdated information so I will link to their submissions manager directly ( www.sycamorereview.com/submgr/) as well as their main page (www.sycamorereview.com)



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