Written by Emily Harstone August 18th, 2016

The Totally Entwined Group: Now Seeking Book Manuscripts

Updated September 5th, 2018

The Totally Entwined Group is an eBook and print publisher that was successful in its own right, before being purchased by the Bonnier Publishing group. There have been some shifts in focus since Bonnier purchased it in 2015, but the group still has a good reputation and its focus is still on its two flagship established imprints – Pride and Totally Bound.

Becoming part of the Bonnier publishing group has greatly increased their distribution particularly in the UK where print editions on their books are widely available.

Pride Publishing, as you might be able to deduce, is focused on publishing stories where the lead characters identify as GLBTQI. They are interested in stories with a word count between 10-100k. Serials and series will also be considered.

Totally Bound publishes erotic romance and sweet romance in a wide variety of sub-genres, everything from morphing to Rubenesque.

They also have an imprint called Finch, which is open to a wide variety of genres including crime, science fiction, and action and adventure.

Their imprints have a number of very specific calls for submissions, so make sure to read the submission calls page thoroughly before proceeding.

They pay a royalty rate of 40% for eBooks, 30% for audio, and 10% for print, based on their standard four year contract. Their contracts are for both electronic and print rights, and worldwide territories. There is no mention of advances.

All submissions to all imprints should be made via email. All imprints have different guidelines, so read the guidelines carefully. You can read the full guidelines here. Do note that according to various sources and other pages on the website the imprints Finch and Evidence Press are both closed to unsolicited submissions indefinitely.

You can submit to them by using the email address submissions@totallybound.com.

Their authors page, which you can access here, contains helpful additional information.


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