Written by Emily Harstone August 4th, 2016

Three Anthologies Seeking Submissions: Mom, Nelson Mandela, and Knights

The three anthologies we are featuring this week are very different. One is part of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series. It is open to submissions until September 30th. The other is an anthology of poems about Nelson Mandela, with an open ended deadline. The final one is an anthology of LGBTQIA stories about Knights.

Chicken Soup for The Soul: Best Mom Ever!

Is your mother the best mom ever? How about your stepmother, grandmother, or mother-in-law? How about the wonderful woman who is raising your children? Share your stories about the amazing, loving, miraculous, intuitive, and just plain fabulous moms in your life. Here is your chance to let all the moms know they are appreciated, loved and respected, and that you can’t imagine anyone better.

We’re looking for stories about moms of all ages, from young mothers to great-grandmothers, and everything in between. Let your mom or grandmother or stepmother or the mother of your children know that her hard work has been recognized and that without her, the kids wouldn’t be where they are today.

We are looking for those stories of special moments, the laughter, tears, support and the encouragement.

Here are some suggested topics but we know you can think of many more:

• Stories that will make us laugh out loud
• Stories about mother’s intuition
• Stories about passing on wisdom, tradition, family legacies
• Stories about mothers as the best teachers
• Stories about moms as role models
• Stories about quirky, wacky, unusual moms
• Stories about the wisdom of moms
• Stories that will inspire us to reach out to our moms and thank them
• Stories about daughters becoming their moms
• Stories about moms helping us fulfill our dreams
• Stories about grandmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law
• Stories from husbands and partners about the amazing woman who is helping raise their children

If you submitted a story or poem for a past Mom’s book and we did not use your story or poem, please feel free to submit it to us again. If we already published your story or poem we will not publish it again.

The deadline date for story and poem submissions is September 30, 2016.

To learn more or to submit visit their website here.


We are looking for poetry and short essays that:
(1) honor Nelson Mandela’s freedom fighting legacy (first and foremost);
(2) offer tribute to Winnie Mandela for her related activism, and all appropriate others active in the anti-apartheid struggle;
(3) shine light on the past and present fight for racial justice in SA (particularly in the context of police brutality);
(4) shine light on the profound similarities between police brutality in SA under the height of Apartheid, and current race-based police brutality in America.
Songs for a Passbook Torch, edited by award-winning poets, Truth Thomas and Melanie Henderson, is scheduled for publication when all the type is right. Payment will be in the form of one contributor’s copy.
Send your work as a SINGLE attachment (.doc; .docx; .rtf; PDF). Submit up to five previously unpublished poems and essays (honoring a 3,000 word limit) to:
Please direct questions to
THE SUBMISSION PERIOD FOR THIS ANTHOLOGY IS CURRENTLY OPEN-ENDED. Decisions for inclusion in the anthology will be made on a rolling basis.
Cherry Castle Publishing
where words grow mighty trees

Heart of Steel – LGBTQIA

HEART OF STEEL — LGBTQIA — Knights are a well-established presence in the fiction landscape, from historical fiction to fantasy to romance. Be they chivalrous or ruthless, high or low born, noble warriors or dishonored soldiers, tales of knights are endlessly appealing—for their loyalty, their love, and all that they will do to serve and protect those to whom they are sworn.

Less Than Three Press invites you to submit stories about knights and all they are willing to do and endure for the sake of those they love and protect.

The deadline is September 30th, 2016. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.


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