Written by Emily Harstone

Three Journals Seeking Themed Submissions

The following three journals are looking for themed submissions. The first two deadlines are on December 15th.

Lines + Stars
Lines + Stars is seeking submissions for their summer issue entitled Time Travel. All poems and short stories in this theme must be focused on the future, either literally or figuratively. Work must be submitted by December 15th. Learn more at their Submittable account here.


Litro is a London based free print magazine for commuters. They are searching for submissions on the theme of love. This is what they have to say about the theme:  “It’s the most precious and often the most elusive thing and yet it’s a word we use so lightly. “I love those shoes.” “I love your hair.” The rapper KRS-One said: “That word love is very very serious. Very addictive.” Love. You can be in it or out of it. Maybe you even feel you can’t live without it. You might feel it for yourself, your friends, your cat, your apartment, your partner. For Litro #149: Love, we’d love to read your stories about the L-word. What is love? When do you feel love, and how?”. They publish flash fiction, short stories, and nonfiction. They are not interested in poetry. Submissions are due by December 15th. To learn more visit their website here.

Parabola is a respected magazine that publishes nonfiction and poetry. They also publish some short fiction. They pay their writers. They are currently looking for submissions that relate to the theme of Innocence and Experience. All material related to this theme must be submitted by March 1st. To learn more or to submit, visit their website here.




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