Written by Emily Harstone November 21st, 2019

Three Rooms Press: Open to Submissions

Three Rooms Press is an independent press that is inspired by “Diversity, Dada, Punk, and Passion”. They were founded in 1994. They have good distribution and I’ve encountered their books in libraries and bookstores. You can learn more about their history here.

As one can see by their tagline, they have a very clear sense of what they like and what they are interested in publishing. They publish fiction, nonfiction including memoirs, and YA.

The fiction they are most interested in features diverse characters, settings, and writers across all genres. They also particularly want mystery novels with a strong female protagonist. They also like cyberpunk themed novels.

The nonfiction they are interested in includes memoirs of unusual lives, particularly LGBTQ+ memoirs. They also want biographies of spectacular women and recordings of oral history and memoirs of music scenes.

The books they are interested in publishing are over 65,000 words in length. I recommend reviewing their catalog before querying.

Include the following with your proposal:

  • 1-2 paragraph synopsis of your book
  • Why Three Rooms Press is a good fit for you
  • At least 3-4 similar books published within the past two years
  • A basic marketing plan and a description of how you can contribute to publicity
  • The first three chapters of your book, or at least 50 pages

If you have not heard from them in eight weeks assume rejection. They do not respond to submissions they are not interested in.

To learn more about their submission guidelines go here.

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