Written by Emily Harstone August 12th, 2021

Tiny Fox Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Founded in 2015 as a collective of writers, Tiny Fox Press originally focused on publishing work by the editors. This is a form of self- publishing, but they have branched out since then, although they are still publishing some books by the editors.

They have a regularly updated blog, a well-organized website, and some excellent covers as well as some mediocre ones. Their About Us page conveys a lot about editors and preferences in a helpful way, and it makes it clear that some of them have experience, but it doesn’t disclose much about the structure of the company, or its origin story (I was able to find that out the little I know here).

They publish print and eBooks at the rate of 1-3 new authors a year. They offer an advance and they say they offer competitive royalties, but the details are sparse and mentioned here. They don’t mention a distributor, so I assume if they have one it is Ingram.

This is what they mention being most interested in currently, specifically with series potential:

Fantasy — Norse Mythology, Gaslamp, Humorous

SciFi — Steam Punk, Space Opera, Post Apoc, Humorous

YA — Something fun, adventurous and with plenty of magic

They will also consider under the right circumstances, the following genres: Magical Realism, Historical Fiction, Funny/Satirical Cozy Mysteries, Commercial, Bizarre. Do not submit if your work is not a good fit for them. Reviewing their catalogue is also helpful.

They ask that you submit the first 10 pages and a query letter in the body of an email. They will not open attachments. If you have not heard from them in three months, they encourage you to query.

Please follow their guidelines carefully and do not submit to them unless you feel like your work is a good fit.

Their complete submission guidelines are here.

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