Written by Emily Harstone April 4th, 2019

Transmundane Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Updated January 19th 2021, They are currently on hiatus and there’s no indicators that they will return.

Transmundane Press is a small press that is always open to submissions and publishes print and electronic books. They don’t say a lot about the genre they publish on their site, but based on browsing their back catalog I would say they publish largely genre (paranormal/horror) romance aimed at young adults and adults.

I was very impressed by the overall quality of their covers, and I have heard good things from authors who have contributed to anthologies. The way each book is presented on the site is effective and intriguing.

The website itself is very geared towards readers and not writers which is always a good sign. Their about page helpfully covered a lot of information about the staff. The staff bios make it clear that most of the staff do not have very much experience in publishing.  This is the first and only press most of them have worked for, although one has previous experience with publishing literary journals. It is actually good that they are so open about this.

I could not find it listed anywhere who their distributor is (which makes me assume that they don’t have one, or they are not a great distributor). I also could not find out when exactly they were founded.  When I scrolled through the back catalog it was hard to figure out in which order books were published and even then the date was not obvious and required going to a third party site. Through some minor sleuthing I was able to discover that they were publishing work as long ago as 2014.

The website organization is a little funny. Some pages in the book section are clearly formatted and others are not, and there also appear to be some “doubled” pages, were a book is listed more than once.

They are open to all previously published works that are out of print and officially have their rights released from the previous publisher. They allow simultaneous submissions. They allow work to contain sexual content with a few caveats (no incest, no rape, no bestiality, no pedophilia, no necrophilia).

At a minimum, books should be 35,000 words in length, although they prefer the book to be between 60,000 and 80,000 words. There is no strict upper limit to how long your manuscript can be.

To learn more read their full manuscript submission guidelines here.



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