Written by Emily Harstone January 22nd, 2015

Two Genre Fiction Anthologies Open For Submissions

Anthologies are a great way to get your foot in the door with a publisher, they generally have pretty good distribution, and some are even taught in classrooms. One of the anthologies is looking for mystery stories and the other is looking for speculative fiction pieces.

An Anthology of Destination Mysteries published by Darkhouse is open to submissions till March 31st

Darkhouse Books is looking for stories between 2500 to 7500 words in length, although they are flexible if the story is great and fits the theme of the anthology well.   Destination: Mystery will be a collection of mystery and crime stories set in locations popular for vacations. The stories should lean towards the cozy side and highlight the appeal of the setting.

They prefer locations where average people vacation, like cabins in the Adirondacks and seaside towns. Stories can not be set prior to the mid-twentieth century. They will close to submissions on March the 31st. Authors will share equally the 50% of royalties received. Work should be properly formatted and attached as a word document.

To learn more or to submit please visit their website at http://darkhousebooks.com/seeking-submissions-destination-mystery/


My Favorite Apocalypse Published by TulipTree is open to submissions untill April 30th.

It is the first anthology published by a TulipTree, a new press. The anthology will contain a number of short stories about life after your favorite version of the apocalypse. They want the story to focus on how things have changed afterwards. The more details the story contains about life after the Apocalypse the better. However, you can be as specific or as vague as you want about  the big event itself.

All submissions must be received by April 30th 2015, and the book will be published on July 4th 2015.

To learn more visit their website here: http://www.tuliptreepub.com/calls-for-submissions.html



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