Written by Ella Peary April 11th, 2024

Tyger Quarterly: Now Seeking Poetry Submissions

Tyger Quarterly is an online poetry journal, named after William Blake’s famous verse. They publish a wide variety of poetry by both emerging and established authors: “We like poetry, poems, poetics, and, most of all, poets.”

They also sometimes publish interviews, and Issue 6 is composed of 10 interviews called “The Neo-Surrealist Interview Series.” Poets are asked questions like, “What movie do you watch in secret?” and “Can you hear anything in a seashell other than the roar of the ocean?” There are interviews with well-known poets such as Mary Jo Bang and Dorothy Chan, as well as with emerging voices.

Tyger Quarterly was founded in 2022, and since then they’ve published four issues each year. Each quarterly issue features writing from 10 contributors. You can get a sense of what they publish by reading the journal online.

Tyger Quarterly accepts submissions on a rolling basis. Poets may submit five to seven poems. They also accept longer poems and excerpts from longer works. There is no maximum length for an excerpt, but they suggest submitting at least five pages. Submissions should include a brief biography and a cover letter.

Tyger Quarterly only accepts submissions via email, not online or by post. They only accept submissions that follow the guidelines they’ve posted online, so please read these guidelines in full before submitting. Please note that you have to scroll down on the left hand side to see the most recent issue which was published in 2024.

If you would like to learn more or submit to Tyger Quarterly, please visit their website here

Bio: Ella Peary is the pen name for an author, editor, creative writing mentor, and submission consultant. Over the past five years, she’s written hundreds of articles for Authors Publish, and she’s also served as a copywriter and copy editor for a wide range of organizations and individuals. She is the author of The Quick Start Guide to Flash Fiction. She occasionally teaches a course on flash fiction. You can contact her at ellapeary@gmail.com.


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