Written by Ella Peary

Verbatim Poetry: Now Seeking Submissions

Verbatim is an online magazine of found poetry. What’s found poetry? It’s poetry found in everyday language—in newspapers, magazines, advertisements, window signs, restaurant menus, text messages, instruction manuals, cookbooks, and anywhere else with words. The language found there is used verbatim, broken into lines and stanzas to craft poetic verse. Verbatim Poetry poses the question: is there poetry in ordinary life? You can answer for yourself by reading Verbatim online or by creating and submitting your own found poetry.

When crafting a found poem for Verbatim poetry, poets should not add words, delete words, or pick and choose words and phrases for poetic effect. Authors of found poems should also avoid taking text from a poetic source, such as a song. Poets may, however, remove odd words and contractions, change punctuation, add italics for emphasis or to denote a change of voice, or replace numbers and symbols with words.

Verbatim also accepts extracted poems—poems composed by extracting similar elements found in one place and arranging them into a poem. For example, a poet may extract elements from a list and arrange them into a poem by adding line breaks.

Authors may submit one found poem to Verbatim at time. All submissions must include a reference to the source from which the text is taken. Verbatim accepts submissions online, but not via post or email.

If you would like to learn more or submit to Verbatim, please visit their website at http://verbatimpoetry.blogspot.com/p/submit-your-poem.html.



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