Written by Emily Harstone August 7th, 2014

Walrus Publishing: Open to Submissions

UPDATE: As of February 2016 they are closed to unagented submissions.

Walrus Publishing is a small print and eBook publishing company founded in 2007 and based out of Missouri. In their own words “Our mission is to contribute to the literary arts by publishing books people enjoy reading, by collaborating with writing groups and programs, and by assisting writers.”

They have a president and publisher Lisa Miller and are managed by a board of 7 people (including the president). This structure is a little unusual for a company of their size.

They sell books on their own and on Amazon, but I have not seen them in bookstores, so take that into consideration before submitting. They do not seem to do a lot of promotions for the books they publish.

They have published a small number of books since 2007. However there is a huge diversity in what they publish, including sci-fi collections and the memoirs of a middle aged lesbian. They are open to books of any genre except for poetry and pornotgrophy.

They seem to be focused on mainly publishing local regional books by authors living in or from Missouri, but they are open to submissions outside that region as well. Their main focus seems to have shifted in the last year towards looking for manuscripts that have strong character development.

To learn more visit their submission guidelines here.



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