Written by Emily Harstone August 18th, 2022

Welbeck Publishing Group: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Updated January 2024: They were recently acquired by Hachette UK and appear to no longer be open to direct submissions.

Welbeck Publishing Group was formerly known as the Carlton Publishing Group. It is a London-based independent book publisher of fiction, non-fiction, gift and children’s books. It was established in 2019. They have good international distribution and a large team, you can learn more about here.

An independent publisher, they have four main focuses, which you can see here, and a number of imprints within these larger categories. You can see the details about their various children’s imprints here. Their nonfiction division is divided into categories: illustrated and narrative, which includes everything from memoir to business. For fiction they focus on popular work. Orange Hippo is the name of their gift imprint, which includes cookbooks.

They are not interested in poetry or academic books, but are open to most submissions outside of this.

All submissions must be made via email. They generally only respond to the work they are interested in. They accept very little of what they receive.

Submit a covering/query letter as well as a short synopsis, a list of selling points, a professional biography, as well as information on competing titles and up to two chapters or 20 pages of the manuscript.

To learn more visit their submission guidelines here.


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