Written by Emily Harstone July 17th, 2013

West Wind Review

West Wind Review is published annually at Southern Oregon University. They are a print publication that is established, experimental, and fun. It is always good to be published in a journal associated with a university. It tends to give the journal a more serious reputation.

West Wind Review publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poems. They publish one issue a year and they pay contributors in copies of the journals. Although they do not tell you how many copies you will receive if your work is accepted.

They are only open for one reading period a year, from July to October. They tend to take two months to respond to submissions. They accept under 15% of the submissions, which means that your work has a good chance, although not too good a chance. To be picked by them is truly a compliment.

Submitting is easy. You just a send an email with a word attachment that contains your work. Each new piece should start on a separate page. They expect your name, email address, street address, and phone number to be on every page. They accept simultaneous submissions as long as you notify them if your work is accepted elsewhere.

The work they tend to publish is experimental and compelling. Their poems do not seem to focus on line breaks, but on ideas and the flow of language. Their website is just a Blogspot Blog, perhaps because they are an academic print journal and their focus goes towards putting that out.

In conclusion West Wind Review is a good, established , and diverse publication with a variety of writing. To submit please visit their website: http://westwindreview.blogspot.com


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