Written by Emily Harstone August 28th, 2014

Wiseblood: Open To Query Letters

Wiseblood is a small independent literary book publisher. They publish a wide range of literary  work including short story collections, novels, novellas, literary nonfiction, poetry, and, on occasion, critical or essay works.

They are a Christian publisher that is deeply influenced by Flannery O’Connor’s work. Because of this not all of the work they publish is overtly religious in nature and they have an imprint for work that is even less overtly religious. The publishers were influenced by writers like P.D. James and David Foster Wallace.

What they are most interested in is the theme of redemption.

They are still a new press, so they are still figuring certain things out. But they seem to be making a great deal of effort to promote their authors by having an established distributor and attending writing conferences. They also try to provide some of the services a larger publishing house would by setting up book reviews and author interviews.

Authors receive 20-50% of all book sales profits. All of the books have a similar feel in terms of covers, because they work with the same illustrator to create compelling covers for all their work. It gives the press a bit of an old fashioned, literary press feel. The books themselves make a strong impression, and I have seen several people buy them based on the cover alone.

Wiseblood only considers manuscripts by authors that have first submitted query letters. They are looking for authors whose work meshes with their publishing mission and ethos. Do attach an excerpt of the manuscript of your work to the query letter submission. They prefer that manuscripts and experts are PDFs.  All submissions are accepted through email.

Make sure that you browse their catalog and read their mission statement before editing your query letter and submitting your attached manuscript.

To learn more or to submit visit their website:http://www.wisebloodbooks.com/submissions.html


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