Written by Emily Harstone September 2nd, 2013

Writing Prompt: A New Perspective

When writers block plagues you during a writing project the best thing to do is shift perspectives. This same trick also works when you want your writing to feel more fresh, or if you want to add another dimension to the text on the page.

Unlike most of the writing prompts we post, this one works best if you are already working on a project. Although you can modify the prompt and do it anyways if you are not entrenched in a project at the moment.

Take a part of the text you are really struggling with, or a scene you can picture in your head but just can’t put down on paper. Walk through this section of the text in your head so that you know what is going to happen.

Before you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, imagine seeing this scene from an unusual perspective. This perspective could be a reasonable one, it could be the viewpoint child hiding in a cupboard who does not entirely understand what is going on or it could be a spy camera from a jealous lover.

It could also be a less realistic perspective, for example you could write from the point of view of the family pet or the television set.

When you write this perspective out, don’t try and make it perfect, write it out quickly, have fun with this section. You are not planning to keep it in the novel or story, it is just a way to explore a scene.

Once you are finished you can keep it for your own records or play with it a little more, but it should have given you more insight into your own writing, as well as helped you push further into the text.


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