Written by Emily Harstone

Writing Prompt: After Death

There is a book called Sum: Forty Tales of the After Life. It is a book of very short stories by David Eagleman, a neuroscientist and writer.

Each of the short stories is a completely different interpretation of the afterlife. In one afterlife you know everyone else there, but just tangentially. You can never meet anyone new. You can read an excerpt of one of the afterlife stories here if you want to get a feel for one of the other stories.

So your prompt today is to write a very short story version of the after life. Now, if you already have a firm belief in a fixed heaven or hell, or anything else, try to get rid of that. This is not about being accurate. It is about being creative.

Create a believable or fun or interesting next step. It can be told from third or first person narrative, the details are all up to you. Just have fun writing about what happens next.



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