Written by Emily Harstone October 9th, 2014

Writing Prompt: Anyone’s Ghost

The National wrote a song called Anyone’s Ghost. I write a lot based on music that I am listening to, but rarely do I do this in a formal way. However this song, in my opinion, is a great basis for a prompt, not in terms of the music but in terms of the lyrics.

Your prompt this week is to take the following phrases “Didn’t want to be your ghost, Didn’t want to be anyone’s ghost” from the song Anyone’s Ghost and turn these two lines into the foundation for a short story or a poem.

You can use an abbreviated version of the lyrics for the title, or you can embed part of the lyrics in the work your writing, or you can just incorporate the ideas contained in the lyrics in your short story or poem.

Have fun with this. Experiment with this idea. I think this prompt works best if you set a ten minute timer before starting. Happy writing!


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