Written by Emily Harstone December 4th, 2014

Writing Prompt: Big World

For this writing prompt, I want you to imagine that you are very small. As small as a mouse. Now you don’t actually have to be a mouse, you could imagine yourself to be a miniature version of yourself. Or you could imagine yourself to be a mouse. The size difference is what matters most in this prompt.

We are so used to interacting with the world from our own bodies, from our own height and shape. Many of us take this for granted. However, by altering such a fundamental thing, we are able to write about new and unusual things.

You can focus in the prompt on how the world looks now and how you feel in it. Or instead you can focus on interacting with this world. Just take 15 minutes or so to imagine this and write the details down. You should end up with some very interesting results.


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