Written by Emily Harstone June 19th, 2014

Writing Prompt: First Sentence, Last Sentence

This week the prompt is a little different. There are two options for it. The first is to do it with a friend, the second is to do it on your own. Pick your option and then proceed.

Option One:

Ask a friend to write down two sentences. The sentences should be seemingly unrelated.

These sentences are the first and last sentences of your story, the middle is entirely up to you. You just have to start and end with the sentences they wrote.

Happy Writing!

Option Two:

Option Two is essentially the same prompt. Except instead of your friend coming up with the sentences, I will. Your sentences are “He woke in the dark, his feet were cold.” and “The hot air balloons were still visible in the distance.” You can choose which sentence to start with and which one to end with. But you must start and end your story with the sentences that I wrote.

Happy Writing!



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