Written by Emily Harstone September 17th, 2014

Writing Prompt: Ghost Story

I love a good ghost story, not the kind that are told around campfires where the ghost is terrorizing a family, or is passing as a young woman in a dress for a night, but the stories that play around with what a ghost is.

For example, the ghosts in Harry Potter served a lot of purposes that had very little to do with scaring anyone. I like the ghost in Hamlet, because there is such a strong element of metaphor in there, and it interacts so well with the question of Hamlet’s sanity.

Today your prompt is to write a ghost story. It can be a scare your socks of campfire story, or it can play with the conventions of being a ghost. Either way, have fun with this prompt, it is very flexible. If you prefer to write a poem instead of a story, go right ahead.

Happy Writing!


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