Written by Emily Harstone

Writing Prompt: In The Dark

This is a prompt that is simple but effective. You can use new characters, ones you have previously created, or even ones other authors have created.

Put them in a normal situation, or rather, what would be a normal situation for them. Do they work at an office building? Place them there. Do they go out and party a lot? Put them at a party with friends. Or driving home from work, or picking up groceries, or any number of other normal every day things.

Once you have them placed in this normal setting on this normal day, pull the plug, and turn the power off. Not just for your main character but for most of the people surrounding them.

Now proceed from there in any direction that you wish. This story could be scary, funny, or romantic, it could go any number of directions, but when the power goes out people tend to behave differently.

The last time there was a major power outage in North America, people ended up walking for hours, having dinner with neighbors they never met, playing board games they hadn’t played in years, all sorts of unusual things. 9 months later a much larger number of babies were born than are usually born that time of year.

So have fun with this. The power is out. What will happen next?



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