Written by Emily Harstone June 26th, 2014

Writing Prompt: Life Without Computers

What if there were no computers? Obviously you wouldn’t be reading this right now, but many other important things that factor into your daily life would be different.

Your prompt today is to imagine, in a poem or a story, what life would be without computers. Remember, if there were no computers there would also be no internet.

The details of what you write about and how you write it are up to you.  You could mostly ignore the lack of computers, the lack of internet, but it should factor in the story in some way.

In your imagined universe there could have been computers and internet at some point, they just no longer exist.

Or there could have never been any computers. Technology could have stopped at some point, or just gone off in a different direction.

Have fun coming up the details.

Happy Writing!


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