Written by Emily Harstone October 30th, 2014

Writing Prompt: Not A Dream

Whenever I encounter dreams posing as reality at the beginning of TV shows or movies, or embedded into books, I am always frustrated. It is not as if I do not find dreams interesting, they are, but I hate how they can lead you in the wrong direction as an audience member or a reader.

For this writing prompt I want you to take a dream you have had, and turn it into a story. A real story with real characters. No one wakes up. If there are surreal aspects of the dream, then there can be surreal aspects of the story. You don’t have to explain them away, they can just be there.

If you don’t remember your dreams, take a common trope that exists in dreams like being dead or showing up to school in your underwear, and turn that into a short story.

Just remember that you are taking a dream and turning it into a story, and in that story it is reality, there is no “reveal” at the end.

Happy Writing!


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