Written by Emily Harstone May 8th, 2014

Writing Prompt: One Last Wish

Imagine a character sitting in a room. There are a lot of cords and tubes. It looks like they are in a hospital. The person next to them is on a bed. It could be the main character’s mother, father, spouse, or someone else entirely.

Before this person dies, they tell the main character, the person who is most likely narrating this story, their dying wish. Then they pass on.

It is your task to write the story, not of the room or the dieing, but of the wish and what it is and where it leads the main character.

You can tell this story from any perspective, but I have found that this prompt generally works best when it is told from the point of view of the main character. First person narration really works.

You can start the story at any point. You can start it right after the main character is told the wish, you can start it right before they have been informed of the wish, or it could be set in the future where they already know about the wish and have had time to try and do something about it.

No matter where you go with this prompt, have fun with it.

Happy Writing.


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