Written by Emily Harstone May 9th, 2013

Writing Prompt: Other Words

Pick a book from your shelf that you haven’t read recently. This book should be one that you enjoy. It can be a book of poetry, or prose, even a play or non fiction. It should not be a dictionary or an encyclopedia.

Start a 10 minute timer, and then open to a random page. Write down the first sentence you see and go from there, making up your own story and plot, doing whatever you want to do, but keeping in mind that first line.

If at any point you get stuck, you just open the book to another page, and choose another random line and insert it as the beginning as a new paragraph or stanza. Then proceed from that point.

You can easily repeat this step, of opening up the book and choosing a random line, whenever you get stuck. Even if your not stuck but you feel like your story could use more variety, I encourage you to do this step.




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