Written by Emily Harstone October 30th, 2014

Writing Prompt: Poem Around A Word

Everyone has a favorite word, or words. They are ones that easily come to mind and that we use a lot, generally. Although occasionally the word is one you really like but is not particularly useful, like Parabola or cloisonné.

I want you to pick one of those words that belong to the second category. A word that you love but that you don’t often use. Write that word down at the top of the page. It is the title of your poem.

Then I want you to approach the word in two ways, the first is to approach it for the associations you have with the word, what you think about when you think of it. The second is to approach the word and focus on the literal meaning of the word.

You should give yourself about 10 minutes to write the prompt. It is fun and can equal some interesting results.


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