Written by Emily Harstone November 16th, 2014

Writing Prompt: The Adventures of Clarinata

Many authors spend hours, days, even weeks trying to figure out what to name their characters. One author who is a friend of mine, told me that it was much harder to name his main character in his first novel than it was to name his first child.

I doubt it takes most people that long, but it is a difficult. A name can convey so much and it can also change a person, the song a Boy Named Sue is all about that, after all.

So I want you to take 30 seconds, a minute max, and come up with the weirdest name you can. Extra bonus points if it contains the letters x or z. I want the name to be unusual and strange, maybe even a name that is impossible to take seriously.

Now take that name and write a prompt where that person is the main character. Everything about the details of the prompt are up to you. Even the name is up to you, just as long as it is absurd you should end up writing something fun and original.


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