Written by Emily Harstone January 8th, 2015

Writing Prompt: The Movie Version

Today’s prompt is non-fiction with a twist. I want you to think about something that has happened to you recently. It should be a pretty minor event, but not too minor.

Perhaps your dog had puppies, or you had to babysit a stranger’s child for an hour. Nothing life changing. If you want it can even be pretty insignificant, like a description of your normal morning, or cooking dinner. Make sure you choose an event before you read the next part of the prompt.

Now that you know what you are going to write about, I don’t want you to write about it in a truthful way. I want you to make it exciting. I want you to write it as if it was part of a movie. It can be particularly helpful with this prompt, to pick a genre of movie first and than skew the writing in that direction. For example your story could now be part of a romantic comedy or an action movie.

I want you to set a timer and write for at least 15 minutes. I want you to have fun with this project. Happy writing!



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