Written by Emily Harstone December 1st, 2014

Writing Prompts: Travel Tales

This week’s writing prompt is to write about an experience one had while traveling. I don’t mean that I want you to write about about the trip you took, the planes you flew on, or the weird buses you had to take, or the fancy hotel you stayed at.

I want you to write about a different location from the perspective of outsider interacting with another culture.

This is less about visiting the Eiffel Tower and looking at the Mona Lisa, and more about the individuals that you interacted with in these other places, and their cultural norms.

For example, when I was in China, I was invited to 3 AM dim sum by fellow students at the University. This was a normal part of their culture. Not just in terms of dim sum, but in terms of eating, which they normally did at 3 AM. Also it was normal in terms of sleeping, as most students there did not fall asleep till 4-4:30.

Now your story does not need to travel that far. Even within a state or a country their are a lot of differences. When I moved from New York to Washington State, I faced a number of enormous cultural differences. Sometimes when I visit a different grocery store than usual, or even walk in a different neighborhood, I feel like I’m in a foreign place.

So think about what you want to write about and than start a 15 minute timer. Happy Writing!



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